Getting the 2014 Business Ball Rolling Before New Years Day

Women TIES

Business Advice for Women Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses


If you are like most small businesses you might be experiencing a lull in activity, a quietness in sales efforts, minimal communication with customers during this week between Christmas and New Year’s Day. It’s normal. It’s American. It’s part of being an entrepreneur. The last week of the year typically produces less commerce than other times of the year unless you prepare taxes, run a retail store accepting holiday return items or host New Year’s Eve bashes. I’ve learned after 19 years in business, it’s perfectly okay to embrace a quiet business cycle.

By definition a business cycle is the upward and downward movements of levels of gross domestic product and refers to the period of expansion and contraction in the level of economic activities around long-term growth trends. If you have been an entrepreneur for awhile, you should be aware…

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