Tuesday Tips – How To Control Your Food Budget


You’re planning your big day and when you sit down with the venue or caterer, they tell you how much it will cost to feed each of your guests….$80 per plate; $100 per plate or even $200 per plate or more.  What do you do? How can you control your budget? It comes down to the more guests you invite, the more meals you will need to be provided for your guest.  Yes ladies, you should have a budget, even if your budget is big or small.  You need to know where your hard earned money is going. The majority of your budget will go towards the food and drink at your venue or with your caterer.

When you choose your food options, think about the price per plate and the number of guests who will actually attend your celebration. If money is not an issue, then you probably won’t be too concerned with the price per plate but if you’re on a budget, you’ll want to know what you’re getting for your money.  Whether it’s chicken marsala, beef tenderloin or even surf and turf, your choice matters.  So make the most informed choice you can.  And be sure to have a food tasting with your venue or caterer, after all you want to ensure the food is going to be to your satisfaction.  If you’re happy with it, you’re guests will be happy as well.

And don’t forget your vendors.  You will have vendors working all day and evening for you(your photographer/videographer/wedding planner or dj/band).  You need to take care of them, as they’re there to make your day a special event.  Now I’m not saying they  should have surf and turf like your guests, but most venues and caterers alway have an “on hand” selection for vendor meals, at a reduced cost.  This is typical a chicken or pasta dish.

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Happy Planning-Mary Homer

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