Saving A Stalled Business

Women TIES


As I glanced out the barren window view where grey sky meets grey snow, through the kaleidoscope from yesterday’s Women TIES event, the colorless view turned to swirling pink, yellow and red as the crystals within the kaleidoscope changed position. All of a sudden I remembered the wisdom from yesterday’s speaker say “Sometimes when our businesses aren’t working well, we have to step back and get another view to move onward.”

Just like winter’s beautiful pristine look fades to grey, so can the excitement in running a company. It’s natural for a mundane feeling to overcome an entrepreneur especially if they’ve been in business awhile or when the business seems to be stalling or failing. Yesterday’s speaker Bonnie Phelps from Baked Euphoria shared what she did to add color, light and zest back into her company and her own entrepreneurial life which included creating two signature products a rainbow cake…

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