Chalk to Me!

Thought this was a great article and wanted to share with everyone. Happy planning! Mary

Just Call Me Mrs.

Okay, so one of the new crazes out there is the chalkboard theme.  We’ve all seen it out done: you have the big black background with the fancy white chalk fonts.  If used correctly this décor can be both elegant and tasteful.  As far as when to use this idea, I have a few suggestions.  If you are going for a rustic, vintage look, this can be incorporated into your decor.  It can be used for place cards, table numbers, and even a guest book.   Don’t go overboard though, because too much white on black writing can be overpowering especially for the tipsy wedding guest at your cocktail hour.  Another cute way to incorporate the chalkboard theme into your wedding is if you and your husband are both teachers.  While this may seem a bit on the cheesy side, it can be really cute if that’s what brought the two…

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