Creating a Romantic Wedding-Top 5 Tips

romantic weddings

You’re working to make sure your wedding has all the romance you’ve always dreamed of.  But how do you do that?  I want to share the top 5 tips to create your romantic wedding.

1) Start with your lighting. There are never too many candles and twinkle lights or chandeliers.  This will add that touch of glamour you’re looking for.  Soft candle light and twinkle lights help set the mood for your event.

2) It’s all in the details.  Make your guests comfortable by making their surroundings feel familiar.  Try using sheer draping, whether at your entrances or around your room.  Don’t be afraid to add in a mix of comfort from home.  Use everyday things in unique and unexpected ways.

3) Add an element of surprise.  Whether it’s in your decor, your entertainment or in your first dance at a touch of surprise. Why not choreograph your first dance and possibly include your wedding party?  Do you love flowers? Bring them on. Flowers smell wonderful and make a huge statement when used in large quantities. Make a statement, make it your own and own it.

4) Keep flowers out of the line of conversation.  Does that mean you can’t have tall centerpieces? Of course not, but place them randomly(or look like their random) to allow your eye to move effortlessly around the room and have conversations with your guests.

5) Have fun and enjoy yourself.  After all this is your day, after months of planning.  Enjoy your beautiful background, your wonderful guests and dance the night away!

Happy Planning

Mary Homer-Fairy Tale Weddings & Events

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