Women Entrepreneurs: Soak in the Compliments

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After hosting a national speaker who spoke on a new topic which I created for her she said after the event, “Thank you again for having the idea for this new topic. You really can’t imagine how much of an impact that decision is going to make on my speaking career.”

Recently a new member approached me at an event exclaiming how her membership had landed her a paid speaking gig because she listed herself on our Speaker’s Bureau of Women – which has become a popular place for members to be found and offered speaking opportunities. There was something about these two compliments that has stuck with me for a week.

As woman entrepreneurs we hope our products and services benefit others. We are in business to not only make money; but to provide positive assistance to our customers and the marketplace. It’s why we are so passionate about…

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Would You Like A Slice Of Cake?


The wedding cake is a symbol of a couples fertility and wishes for a happy marriage. Traditionally, it’ll be a white cake with white butter cream frosting. However, things have changed since my parents were married.

These days you’ll see simple cakes to elaborate wedding cakes, in all shapes, sizes and colors. The days of butter cream are not as common as they used to be.  Fondant is very popular as it can give you a beautiful, smooth finish.  Or fondant flowers, that look so real you’ll think they are real.

And for flavors, you simply need to think of a flavor for it to become a reality. But when you’re choosing your flavor(s) for your wedding cake, remember, there are alot of guests who may not like an exotic flavor.  In that case, you can choose to have different flavors for different layers of your cake.  You make you and your guests happy.  It’s the best of both worlds!

And don’t forget your cake topper.  It can be real flowers in a beautiful design, a crystal initial for the married couple or something silly and fun to express you as a couple.  What ever you choose, it should reflect you and your style.  Looking for an elegant look and feel for your cake topper, then crystal initial for your last name is perfect for your cake.  Are you a quirky couple who love the outdoors?  There’s a cake topper for you, whether you fish, golf or hunt, there’s fun and special toppers to meet your every need.  Are you more traditional and are looking for that simple bride and groom topper?  Not to worry, as they are a staple for wedding cakes and always available for that traditional couple.

You should pick your bakery and baker about 4 to 6 months out from your big day.  Once you’ve done that, schedule a cake tasting.  Now the guys love this part of the planning.  They get to taste different flavors of cake and frosting.  What’s not to like? You baker will guide you as to the most popular flavors, colors and themes in the world of wedding cake designs and should be able to accommodate all your needs and wishes.  Just remember, the more elaborate the cake, the most it will cost.

If you’re looking for a cost effective way to have your cake and eat it too, order a smaller 3 tier cake with all the bells and whistles and have your bakery make a sheet cake to be cut up and served to your guests.  They will enjoy the cake and never realize it’s part of a sheet cake. Remember the cake is ultimately cut by the staff at your venue and no one ever sees the sheet cake.

Whether your choice is a traditional white wedding cake, a beautiful array of flowers cascading down your cake or just something fun, like a topsy turvy cake, make it your own. After all, you’re making the first cut into this beautiful cake you’ve planned for.

Happy Planning!

Mary Homer-Fairy Tale Weddings & Events



One Theme, Five Ways: Customizing Adelle

WordPress.com News

adelle-showcaseAdelle is a popular free theme — our 47th most popular, to be exact. You’ve probably seen its familiar pink dots, bold menu bar, and pops of magenta as you catch up with your favorite blogs.

Don’t be fooled by Adelle‘s distinctive look, though: there’s a lot more to this theme than polka dots, as these five bloggers ably demonstrate.


Blogger Elaine chose Adelle for the cleverly-named MomJeanz, then gave it a complete makeover using only free options available to any blogger:


She uploaded a custom header image and swapped out Adelle‘s dots for her own textured background. Everything else stays the same — layout, fonts, colors — but the theme becomes uniquely hers.

(If a custom header image seems beyond your technical or design chops, we’ve got a tutorial that will help you create one in less than fifteen minutes, no special software required. We’ve also got leads…

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Every Wedding Should Have These Things

Romantic Floral

Every wedding should always have things that are important to you.  Let’s see if you agree:

1) Be surrounded by the people, family and friends who love you.  They’ve seen you laugh, they’ve seen you cry, they’ve eaten a pint of ice cream with you at two in the morning.  These are the most important people to you and should be with you to celebrate your love for one another.

2) Know your officiant.  Now he doesn’t need to be your best friend or your pastor (but that’s not a bad thing if he/she is) but hopefully have someone who knows you and your spouse to be.  It will make your ceremony personable and special and he/she may give you the best advice about marriage you’ll ever receive.

3) Make your vows your own.  Be personable, be passionate, be from the heart.  You are pledging your life to this person today, so share with him/her your heart felt emotions no matter how mushy, how funny or how much it makes you both laugh.  Laughter after all is the best medicine for almost everything.

4) Have something special that speaks to you in your wedding….whether it’s the design of your wedding cake you created, the “I said yes to the dress” or that special “thank you” favor you picked out for your guests.  Enjoy it, embrace it, and smile.  This is your day!

Happy Planning!

Mary Homer, Fairy Tale Weddings & Events




The Best Honeymoon Locations


Where to go on your honeymoon? Hmmm…you can go exotic and head to the Carribbean or Mexico for those clear blue waters and white sands. Mexico is certainly fabulous, Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo married this weekend in Los Cabos, Mexico!  If you’re looking to travel check out Fiji or Polynesia. You’ll discover gorgeous scenery, over the water bungalows and that wonderful privacy every newly wed couple is looking for.

Closer to home is Hawaii where you still have that exotic feel and beautiful water and sand, as well as a choice of eight islands to choose from. Let’s not forget, Hawaii is romantic and relaxing and doesn’t require a passport.  What’s not to love? Gorgeous scenery and beautiful lays in every color!

Looking for something closer to home?  Check out Key West, Florida. You’ll find beautiful hotels and beaches to lounge on, but what about something off the beaten path like a B&B?  Bed and Breakfasts are a wonderful option for couples who want that get away feeling and yet feel close to home.  You’ll find romantic B&Bs in Vermont, North Carolina and even Napa and Sonoma Valleys in California.

Whether you’re staying close to home, in the states or are traveling to another country or island for your honeymoon, relax, enjoy and forget about everything else….at least for awhile.

Happy Honeymooing!

Mary Homer-Fairy Tale Weddings and Events



Napa & Sonoma Valleys, CAV

Napa & Sonoma Valleys, CA
Napa & Sonoma Valleys, CA=


Unnecessary Wedding Expenses

Cut Wedding Expenses

You’re planning your wedding and everything is adding up fast…$1200 for the DJ, $900 for the limo, $1500+ for your dress…..before you know it, you’ve stretched your budget to the max.  How do you decide what isn’t necessary?  I’ve listed some of those “unnecessary” expenses.  Certainly it depends on you and you’re specific needs, but here’s a few suggestions I hope will be helpful as you plan your special day.

1) Chair Covers and Sashes:  Although chair covers and corresponding sashes are wonderful and pretty, they aren’t a necessity.  Your venue will likely come with tables and chairs and they should work without any fuss.  This expense adds up quickly, the more chairs you have to cover, the more it will cost you.  Try using some ribbon on your chairs or toule to make them special.

2) Full/High End Bar:  Most of us think of an open bar at a wedding, however, full high end bars with name brands can be costly.  As an option try a beer and red and white wine option which gives everyone an option other than soda, water or coffee/tea.  Very popular is the “Signature Drink” which allows you to show your fun side. You’re bottom line will love you for it.

3) Programs and Menu Cards:  Programs at the ceremony and menu cards at the reception have been around for some time now.  But what happens to them after the ceremony or your dinner? They end up wasted and thrown away.  There are creative ways to provide this information with out incurring an unnecessary expense.  Why not list your meal on a chalk board or print it on beautiful paper in a lovely antique frame. 

4) Champagne Toast:  It’s traditional to have a “champagne toast”, however several bottles of that expensive champagne you love will hurt your bottom line very quickly.  As a nice alternative try a nice sparkling wine. It fizzes like champagne and looks like champagne.

Determining what’s important to you for your wedding and staying in within your budget is not a difficult thing to do if you think ahead and are creative. 

Happy Planning!

Mary Homer – Fairy Tale Weddings & Events



Great Bridesmaid Gift Ideas For Every Budget

Bridesmaid Gifts

You’ve chosen your best friend and school pals to be a part of your wedding. So what type of gift do you choose for them to show your appreciation and love for being part of such a special day with you?

Be personal, after all these are the special women in your life. Great ideas include personalized items from embroidered bags and totes to silk pajamas. How about a gift certificate to her local spa for a little pampering? Or maybe a fabulous designer bag or make up package?

Looking for something a bit easier on your budget, why not give her tickets to her local movie theater, her favorite sporting event or even her favorite restaurant? Prefer to make it from the heart? Try making jewelry, homemade soaps and botanicals or maybe a scrap book with all the fun and memories you have as high school or college roommates.

Inspiration for your bridesmaids gifts are everywhere. Is she a baker or loves to cook, check out the wonderful array of aprons available, a deluxe picnic basket or maybe a cooking class. Does she garden? Consider a gift certificate from your local home and garden store.

Remember, if it comes from the heart, your bridesmaid will cherish it and you forever.

Happy Planning!

Mary Homer – Fairy Tale Weddings & Events

Red, White & Blue


The 4th of July is upon us and that means it’s officially summer! How do you plan on celebrating your Independence Day? Will you watch a a patriotic parade and waive your American Flag, have a family bar-b-q or go to beach and enjoy the water? Today and everyday is a great day to be an American. Be proud we live in a country where we have freedoms.  Where we can express ourselves without retribution and persecution.  Never forget those who have fought to make this day possible. Let freedom ring!

Wishing you tons of fun, sun and water balloons this holiday weekend!

Happy Fourth of July!

Mary Homer – Fairy Tale Weddings & Events


The Wedding Gown


Wedding gowns range in colors, styles and certainly price. So how do you choose the perfect one for you?

Start with your budget.  That should include your wedding gown and accessories (veil, jewelry, shoes, stockings and even your headpiece).  What type of gown do you want? Is your wedding Formal? Semi-formal? or Informal? Picking your gown will depend on your wedding details, location and even the feel you want to have. Allow your gown to match your wedding plans.

When do I start looking for that all important gown? The short answer, start looking as soon as possible.  You want to have time to make this decision. Most dresses take up to 6 months to 8 months, sometimes longer, to order and come in.  Then you may need to have it altered, so planning ahead is your best course of action.

There are numerous styles to wedding gowns now and then of course there’s color.  Try on various styles to get a feel for what compliments your curves.  Whether it’s a high or low neckline, short skirt, full ball room, mermaid or even t-length, the choice is up to you.  As for color, if you’re a traditional bride, white or ivory is always a good choice.  Are you thinking of something outside of the box? Then check out the color options now available in todays bridal shops.  You have options which may include pink, blue, red and even for that eclectic bride you may even find a black wedding gown.  Now these colors aren’t for everyone, but if your looking to make a statement, these colored gowns will certainly do that.

Enjoy trying on gowns with those special members of your family and friends.  Everyone will have an opinion, but remember your opinion is the most important opinion.

Happy Planning!

Mary Homer – Fairy Tale Weddings & Events


Gown by  Mori Lee Bridal