Great Bridesmaid Gift Ideas For Every Budget

Bridesmaid Gifts

You’ve chosen your best friend and school pals to be a part of your wedding. So what type of gift do you choose for them to show your appreciation and love for being part of such a special day with you?

Be personal, after all these are the special women in your life. Great ideas include personalized items from embroidered bags and totes to silk pajamas. How about a gift certificate to her local spa for a little pampering? Or maybe a fabulous designer bag or make up package?

Looking for something a bit easier on your budget, why not give her tickets to her local movie theater, her favorite sporting event or even her favorite restaurant? Prefer to make it from the heart? Try making jewelry, homemade soaps and botanicals or maybe a scrap book with all the fun and memories you have as high school or college roommates.

Inspiration for your bridesmaids gifts are everywhere. Is she a baker or loves to cook, check out the wonderful array of aprons available, a deluxe picnic basket or maybe a cooking class. Does she garden? Consider a gift certificate from your local home and garden store.

Remember, if it comes from the heart, your bridesmaid will cherish it and you forever.

Happy Planning!

Mary Homer – Fairy Tale Weddings & Events

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