Unnecessary Wedding Expenses

Cut Wedding Expenses

You’re planning your wedding and everything is adding up fast…$1200 for the DJ, $900 for the limo, $1500+ for your dress…..before you know it, you’ve stretched your budget to the max.  How do you decide what isn’t necessary?  I’ve listed some of those “unnecessary” expenses.  Certainly it depends on you and you’re specific needs, but here’s a few suggestions I hope will be helpful as you plan your special day.

1) Chair Covers and Sashes:  Although chair covers and corresponding sashes are wonderful and pretty, they aren’t a necessity.  Your venue will likely come with tables and chairs and they should work without any fuss.  This expense adds up quickly, the more chairs you have to cover, the more it will cost you.  Try using some ribbon on your chairs or toule to make them special.

2) Full/High End Bar:  Most of us think of an open bar at a wedding, however, full high end bars with name brands can be costly.  As an option try a beer and red and white wine option which gives everyone an option other than soda, water or coffee/tea.  Very popular is the “Signature Drink” which allows you to show your fun side. You’re bottom line will love you for it.

3) Programs and Menu Cards:  Programs at the ceremony and menu cards at the reception have been around for some time now.  But what happens to them after the ceremony or your dinner? They end up wasted and thrown away.  There are creative ways to provide this information with out incurring an unnecessary expense.  Why not list your meal on a chalk board or print it on beautiful paper in a lovely antique frame. 

4) Champagne Toast:  It’s traditional to have a “champagne toast”, however several bottles of that expensive champagne you love will hurt your bottom line very quickly.  As a nice alternative try a nice sparkling wine. It fizzes like champagne and looks like champagne.

Determining what’s important to you for your wedding and staying in within your budget is not a difficult thing to do if you think ahead and are creative. 

Happy Planning!

Mary Homer – Fairy Tale Weddings & Events



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