Wedding Favors DIY Ideas

Great wedding favor options!


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And you thought wedding stationary was tough because of all the options? Here’s another hard decision – what do you want to give as wedding favors? From edibles to decorations, there’s so much variety in DIY projects you can do! To narrow it a bit down for you, we wanted to focus on DIY wedding favors that can be eaten (who doesn’t love food?) or used up in another way by the guest, here you go!

28091_Daisy_PRS_L Chocolates are usually a big hit! This particular design would be a perfect for an Easter or summer wedding with beautiful, bright colors. Replace the decoration on top of the box, and the type of chocolates or candies inside to switch up the mood.

winter-wedding-favors Give your guests hot chocolate powder and marshmallows. It’s perfect for a winter wedding! What’s better than curling up in front of the fireplace with hot chocolate after a long day? You can always…

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