Wedding Cake Trends


Wedding cakes have been around for as long as most people can remember.  Over the past several years cupcake towers have had quite a run instead of cakes.  But the trend is changing and couples are leaning toward wedding cakes again.  This is very evident if you follow Pinterest, with loads of inspiration, colors and ideas.

So what are the current trends in wedding cakes?  Here are a few for you to consider:

  1. Metallic cakes are very popular for an evening or elegant affair.  It can range any where from gold and silver to bronze, copper or pewter.
  2. Ruffled cakes you will see everywhere on Pinterest. It’s fun, romantic and unexpected.  This style cake can be used in every style wedding or celebration.
  3. Ombre’ cakes are currently on trend.  Regardless of your color scheme, there’s an ombre’ cake for you.  This style cake is fun and adventurous.
  4. Naked cakes have made a splash this year.  This is a basic cake without any exterior frosting, which will work perfectly in a rustic style wedding.  Now you may think because the cake is naked, that it won’t taste very good.  You would be wrong.  Although there is no frosting on the exterior of this case, it certainly can pack a punch with flavor.  Depending on your style, this may be the perfect fit for you.

Regardless of your style, theme or color scheme, your cake is an expression of who you are as a couple.  So be adventurous and daring.  Is it a little nontraditional at times, certainly, but if it reflects who you are, it will be perfect!

Happy Planning!

turquoise ruffled wedding cake

Mary Homer – Fairy Tale Weddings & Events


Making Your Wedding Day Special


Most little girls dream of a big wedding, with a large ball gown and extravagance.  So how do you achieve that and not have the same cookie cutter wedding you see so often?  By making it your own.  What do I mean by that?  Make sure you’re doing things that reflect your personalities.  Do you absolutely love tacos or cheeseburgers?  Then why not bring in a food truck for late night guests to enjoy?  After dinner you’re dancing, drinking and having a great time.  It works up an appetite, so why not enjoy a little snack off your local food truck before the end of the night?

If you’re thinking I don’t like food trucks, that’s okay, there’s all kinds of things that can do to make your day special.  Are you a pastry student at your local culinary college and love baking? Bring in your own take on a dessert bar…your colors, your flavors, your style.  Remember ladies, this is about you and your groom, so be sure he’s involved in these decisions too.  It can be so much fun!

How about a hot sundae ice cream bar with all the toppings! Maybe a Cappuccino bar to ensure everyone makes it home safely.   Whether you want a photo booth for great fun pics, like the new whoopi pies or donut towers, the old staple of a cupcake tower or simply love a brooch bouquet in lieu of real flowers…the skies the limit.  Don’t be afraid to fly, after all this is your day!

Happy Planning.

Mary Homer – Fairy Tale Weddings & Events

Hold the Cake!


As a bride and groom the best part of planning your big day is cake tasting, or at least that’s what you thought until you realized there’s so many options….What’s a couple to do? Why not consider other options?  The most popular option for the past several years has been cupcake towers, in every configuration and as extravagant as your imagination can think of.  Whether its a simple white tower or has all the glitz and glamour of your wedding, you can never go wrong with cupcakes.  And as for flavors, if you can think it, most bakeries can make them.  My favorite cupcake is an upside down pineapple cupcake from “Just-One-Bite” in Syracuse! There’s no fuss with forks or need to cut a large tier.  You can then have a traditional cake cutting ceremony with an over sized cupcake in your specific color scheme or theme, which still allows you to feed one another and have pictures.

If cupcakes aren’t your favorite, macaroon towers and donut towers are becoming ever so popular. As are smaller cakes with different flavor options for you and your guests.  If you’re looking for something a little nontraditional, you can try cake pops which are easy for children and adults to enjoy. If you’re having a country wedding, why not think about pies? Big ones and small ones, they all fix that sweet tooth we all get after a nice dinner.  And of course, we can’t over look dessert and candy bars.  Whether it’s your color scheme, old world desserts and candies or simply chocolates of every nature, kind and flavor, have fun with it.  Your guests will!

Happy planning!

Mary Homer-Fairy Tale Weddings and Events –