Making Your Wedding Day Special


Most little girls dream of a big wedding, with a large ball gown and extravagance.  So how do you achieve that and not have the same cookie cutter wedding you see so often?  By making it your own.  What do I mean by that?  Make sure you’re doing things that reflect your personalities.  Do you absolutely love tacos or cheeseburgers?  Then why not bring in a food truck for late night guests to enjoy?  After dinner you’re dancing, drinking and having a great time.  It works up an appetite, so why not enjoy a little snack off your local food truck before the end of the night?

If you’re thinking I don’t like food trucks, that’s okay, there’s all kinds of things that can do to make your day special.  Are you a pastry student at your local culinary college and love baking? Bring in your own take on a dessert bar…your colors, your flavors, your style.  Remember ladies, this is about you and your groom, so be sure he’s involved in these decisions too.  It can be so much fun!

How about a hot sundae ice cream bar with all the toppings! Maybe a Cappuccino bar to ensure everyone makes it home safely.   Whether you want a photo booth for great fun pics, like the new whoopi pies or donut towers, the old staple of a cupcake tower or simply love a brooch bouquet in lieu of real flowers…the skies the limit.  Don’t be afraid to fly, after all this is your day!

Happy Planning.

Mary Homer – Fairy Tale Weddings & Events

Step Moms Rock


I was recently interviewed by a reporter to discuss step  mothers and their involvement in their step daughter’s wedding. I thought this was  an interesting topic and I wanted to share my thoughts on it.

When you think about a step mother, you may typically think of the wicked step mother of Cinderella. However in reality I find most step mothers are not like that at all.  They typically want whats best for their step children.  Whether it’s ensuring a warm and safe roof over their heads or contributing financially to their step daughters wedding.  They have huge hearts full of love for their step children.

So where does the step mother fall in place regarding her step daughters wedding?  It depends.  If you have a loving relationship with your step daughter, she may want you to be fully involved in the planning, wedding ceremony and reception.  I’ve had clients who have step parents who were fully invested in the planning of the brides big day but at the same time not try to stand in the place of the brides mom.  In every blended family, there’s a place for step parents.  Every couple and their family dynamics are different.  So it’s all about communication between the bride and groom and their parents/step parents.  Miscommunication will always cause hard feelings between family members, so be clear on your wishes and how you see your step mother playing a role in your big day.

If there isn’t positive input from your step daughter, graciously and respectfully step back out of the lime light.  After all this is her big day.  This is her time to shine with family and friends. So kick back, enjoy this once in a life time day and have a cocktail.

Happy planning!

Mary Homer-Fairy Tale Weddings & Events

Hold the Cake!


As a bride and groom the best part of planning your big day is cake tasting, or at least that’s what you thought until you realized there’s so many options….What’s a couple to do? Why not consider other options?  The most popular option for the past several years has been cupcake towers, in every configuration and as extravagant as your imagination can think of.  Whether its a simple white tower or has all the glitz and glamour of your wedding, you can never go wrong with cupcakes.  And as for flavors, if you can think it, most bakeries can make them.  My favorite cupcake is an upside down pineapple cupcake from “Just-One-Bite” in Syracuse! There’s no fuss with forks or need to cut a large tier.  You can then have a traditional cake cutting ceremony with an over sized cupcake in your specific color scheme or theme, which still allows you to feed one another and have pictures.

If cupcakes aren’t your favorite, macaroon towers and donut towers are becoming ever so popular. As are smaller cakes with different flavor options for you and your guests.  If you’re looking for something a little nontraditional, you can try cake pops which are easy for children and adults to enjoy. If you’re having a country wedding, why not think about pies? Big ones and small ones, they all fix that sweet tooth we all get after a nice dinner.  And of course, we can’t over look dessert and candy bars.  Whether it’s your color scheme, old world desserts and candies or simply chocolates of every nature, kind and flavor, have fun with it.  Your guests will!

Happy planning!

Mary Homer-Fairy Tale Weddings and Events –


This Isn’t Your Mom’s Wedding Card Box

Peackock wedding card box

When our parents were married, many moons ago, options for weddings and all the “little things” that went along with it were very limited and conforming.The days of a cookie box wedding is over ladies.

Your dreams, your wishes and your loves can make your day extra special! Even down to your wedding card box.  Yes, I said your wedding card box. When my parents were married, they had a traditional little white box for gift cards. But today’s world has options galore! It’s all about your style, your color theme and what you what your day to look and feel like. If you’re a traditional bride, you may want that little or big white gift box, by why not pump it up? Use a white quilted chest….or add a few crystals to give it that sparkle you’re looking for.  If you like color, play with them. Colors are abound in gift box options. Whether it’s a black and white color scheme or you love peacocks, there’s one for that too!

Don’t be afraid to have fun with your wedding planning and the details. Remember it’s about you and your groom coming together and joining in union as one. You can still have a splash of fun, or color or a little bedazzling going on to make it you.

Happy planning!


Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

something old something new

We’ve all heard the rhyme for weddings and it’s a tradition right?  “Something old, something new, some borrowed, something blue”.  This rhyme is from the Victorian era.  It represents different symbols for the wedding tradition.

-Something Old: This represents progression.  This would typically be a piece of your grandmothers or mothers jewelry, passed down from one generation to another.  You could wear it or incorporate into your bridal bouquet.  It doesn’t need to be jewelry however, this is the most common “something old”.

-Something New: This represents success in your marriage.  This can be any aspect of your wedding….whether it’s your wedding gown, new jewelry, shoes, or a special hankie to remember the day.  This shows the union between the bride and groom as they start their life together as a couple.

-Something Borrowed: This represents unity with family and friends who surround the bride on her wedding day.  Whether it’s a simple piece of jewelry, a locket, a pair of shoes or even the all important wedding dress, something borrowed is something special.  It can be from your friend(s), your sister, you mother or even your mother-in-law.

-Something Blue: This represents faithfulness and loyalty in years gone by.  We all know a bride who has worn a blue garter.  However it’s easy to incorporate a little blue (or a lot of blue if you so wish) into your wedding in flowers, your nail polish, ribbons on your bouquets, centerpieces, table linens, your dessert/candy bar and even your up lighting.  How fun would it be to have a blue bottom to your shoe, as opposed to a red bottom? Be creative and have fun.

After all, this is a one of kind day and putting your special touches on it will make it even more special and memorable.  Wishing you much joy in your planning!