Favors…..So Many Choices


Whether you’re a traditional bride, a rustic style bride or a non-traditional bride, you will need favors for your wedding guests. But what to choose?  You have so many options that it can be overwhelming.  Do you go the traditional route with truffle candies or cute little trinkets for your guests? It’s about you and your wedding.  So if you’re a traditional bride and want to give your guests chocolate truffles or you want something a little more rustic, then do so.

However, if you’re looking for something different, I have options for you.  The current hot options includes flavored popcorn for your guests.  And yes, they come in any flavor you can possibly think of….bubble gum, peanut butter & grape jelly, every possible candy bar flavor you can think of and even non traditional flavors like lemon, sour cream and chive and even BBQ or Hot Wings.  If you can think it, it’s likely it can be made.  I recently found a new Kandie Korn Shop in Cicero, New York (but they also have locations in Liverpool & Armory Square), The Kandied Kernal’s.  Their website is located at http://www.kandiedkernel.com.  They offer free samples, so stop in and check them out. You may be surprised at your options.

If popcorn isn’t your style, why not try mini-bundt cakes, called “bundtinis”.  These mini-bundt cakes are simply delicious!  I’ve had the pleasure of tasting them and was very happily surprised at how moist and tasty they were.  They have standard flavors, old favorites and some surprising flavors for you.  So if you’re thinking outside the box and are looking for something new and exciting, I would recommend Back To Basics Bakery, located in Baldwinsville, New York.  You can check out their website at http://www.backtobasicsbakery.com.

Todays favors are not your age old favors.  They represent you and your style.  So show your fun side and give something unexpected.  Your guests will thank you!

Happy Planning!

Mary Homer, Fairy Tale Weddings & Events