Rustic Weddings Made Easy

Rustic Barn Reception

If you like the simple life and a rustic wedding is your style, not to fear.  It’s as easy as A, B, C. First, find your location.  It can be a barn, a family members field or just the back yard at your Grandma’s.  Next, remember to keep it simple.  Rustic style is easy.  Essentially you can use almost anything you have and is in nature.  From long communal wooden tables with colored canning jars and in season flowers like daisies as your centerpieces to as elaborate as hanging a chandelier in a barn.  Always use candles, whether it’s in your canning jars, in groups or on wagon wheel chandeliers.   Next, make sure you have plenty of seating.  Whether you mix and max your chairs for an eclectic look or you match them for a more traditional look, make it fun. You can use ribbon, hay bales(throw a blanket or family quilts over them), burlap in a number of different ways (as chair ties, favor bags or even table runners) and lighting.  Lighting becomes very important, especially once the sun goes down.  So be sure you plan ahead.  Be creative with signage, use old windows frames and glass and don’t forget draping.  Draping can transform any room, even a barn.  Use pieces of cut wood or even barrels in creative and fun ways.  Or bring in older pieces of furniture to give an area that “homey” feel.  The skies the limit with your creativity.

Whether you are simple rustic or elegant rustic, have fun and show your personality.  After all, this is your day and everyone wants to see your personality shine through.  Those little touches will leave lasting memories for years to come.

Happy Planning-Mary




Is Wedding Planning More Stressful for Men?

We always hear about “Bridezillas” and how stressed they are in planning their wedding day.  They want everything just perfect, no mistakes and no screw ups. But what about the groom?  Do grooms become stressed out along the way as well?

According to recent surveys by Kalms, an herbal stress remedy company, the answer is a resounding yes.  16% of women found planning their wedding stressful, while 23% of men found it to be one of the most stressful life events. That’s one in every four  men.

What part of the planning process causes the most stress?  According to Kalms the top three stressors are the guests list, managing to stay within their established budget and making family and friends happy. This can be a huge task to achieve for any couple.

When men and women were asked what are the top stressors in their life, they included moving, having a child, getting married and securing a new job to name a few.  37% found moving to be the most stressful, which is followed closely by 34% regarding having a child.

The survey also addressed how wedding planning affects couples. While 40% indicated they were not stressed by planning their wedding, 30% were noted to be anxious, 23% lost sleep and 18% argued with each other.

So what’s a groom to do?  Finding something to help you de-stress is the key.  Play a game of basketball with your buddies, golf with family and friends, have a guys night out to help you regroup and come back to the table calm, cool and refreshed.  After all, women do this all the time, whether it’s a spa treatment, hitting the gym or simply meeting the girls for a glass of wine.  Everyone deals with stress in their own way.  At the end of the day, it’s about enjoying your big day with the love of your life. So don’t let the stress of planning that day dictate your planning style.  Take a deep breath and forge ahead. 

Wishing you happy planning!

Mary Homer

courtesy of the Huffington Post