Tuesday’s Tip: The Shoes Have It!


Whether you’re attending a friends wedding, are a bride yourself or are just celebrating a special occasion, a beautiful pair of shoes can make your outfit!  With so many options and choices to choose from what do you buy?  For the typical bride a beautiful pair of white wedding shoes, with maybe a little sparkle is the perfect choice.  But what if you’re looking for something just a little bit different? Why not choose a punch of color?  Whether it’s a neutral pump, a bold red or your “something blue” you can find your style and taste.  And for the less traditional country brides out there, there’s the always popular cowboy boots.

So here’s my top three tips for choosing your soon to be “favorite” pair of shoes:

1)  If you’re choosing a pair of shoes for your wedding, be sure they’re comfortable and they fit.  You’re going to be in them all day and evening most likely. A good fit will always pay for themselves the first day you wear them.

2)  Pick a color to fit your personality. This is where you can have so much fun.  If you have a big personality and want a splash color in your wedding, why not in your shoes? If you’re going to a special occasion, throw a pop of color in there to stand out.  Embrace your personality, whether you’re conservative or the life of the party.  Shoes are an expression of your personality, so express away! And don’t forget, Metallics (gold, platinum and copper) are on trend this season.  So share your inner Goddess and maybe a pair of Grecian Sandals!

3) What type of shoe do you like?  You have so many choices here, whether it’s a wedge, a pair of flats or ballets, platforms or stilettos, high heels or kitten heels.  Choose a pair you just can’t live without. You’ll wear them again and again, getting plenty of use from them.

And for our shoe fashionettas, keep an eye open for “Made To Order” Jimmy Choos.  They aren’t out yet, but my sources tell me they will be soon.

Happy Planning – Mary Homer – Fairy Tale Weddings and Events