Top 5 Edible Wedding Favors for 2014


The wedding season is upon us as we move through June and into July and August.  If you’re like alot of people, you will be attending at least one wedding this summer.  When you think of wedding favors, you probably think about the typical picture frame, chocolates or a wine stopper.  But rest assured there are new and creative wedding favors for you to choose from.

The newest edible wedding trends for 2014 include:

-Zeppole. Powdered and bagged while still warm just before the end of your reception will make these desserts a crowd pleaser. Guests tend to eat them in their car on their way home.

-Mini donuts. The donuts craze is still a top trend in wedding favors, whether it’s traditional styles or you order custom donuts iced in your wedding colors.  Bakers are always happy to accommodate your color scheme or style.

-Popcorn. Placed in containers or bags on a popcorn display table for guests to take home are available in almost any flavor you can imagine.

-Retro candies. A candy bar filled with colorful candy may feature retro candies that guests remember from their childhoods, like cinnamon candies, Pop Rocks, root beer bottle tops and others.

-Cookie or brownie mixes in mason jars. Mason jars have been a top wedding décor trend, and are now holding as the top wedding favor. You layer the ingredients for an easy ‘pour into the bowl and mix with eggs, oil, etc.’ baking project to make your own baked dessert.

Always remember edible favors never go wrong and are always on trend!

Happy planning!

Mary Homer Fairy Tale Weddings & Events