Boston Runs Again, Walks Again, Smiles Again



I wanted to take a moment this week in remembrance of last years Boston Marathon.  Last year was a devastating time for the people of Boston, with many losses and many survivors.  What I’ve found is that the people of Boston have come back fighting, stronger than ever.  Even in the mist of life’s most challenging situations, many survivors are resolute to return and stand tall. To run again, to walk again, to smile again.  To them I send my thoughts and prayers.

When planning weddings with my clients, I try to help them keep things in perspective.  Yes, this is a once in a life time moment for you, your fiance’ and your family and friends.  But in the grand scheme of things, if everything isn’t precisely perfect, you have the love of everyone around you to envelop you and make your day so very special and memorable.  Life is full of memories and this is the first of many first for you as a married couple.

Happy Planning!

Mary Homer-Fairy Tale Weddings & Events