The Cool Air of Fall

fall weddings

Fall is in the air.  Today and the last couple of days have been a bit cooler than normal for this time of year.  But it does allow us to prepare for the cooler weather that fall brings.  If you’re planning a fall wedding or event, the cooler weather certainly plays a factor in your guests needs.

A Fall wedding can certainly be held outdoors.  But to do so, you do need to plan ahead to ensure your guests are well taken care of. Planning your celebration in a beautiful white tent will cause there to be a need to be sure you have enough lighting, as we all know it will start to get darker out sooner. The use of several chandeliers, string lighting around the perimeter and uplighting will help set the mood.  Don’t forget about candles….whether they are simple votive candles or substantial pillars.  All of this will be factored in the aviance you are building in the tent.

As Fall comes upon us, it becomes cooler.  So don’t forget you will likely need a few portable heaters to ensure your guests are comfortable.  Although dancing will certainly keep you warm on a cool evening, not everyone care to dance.

If you’re planning your celebration at a traditional venue, why not bring in some aspects of Fall to your event?  Fall colors include forest greens, oranges and browns. Play with these colors to develop a one of a kind and inviting room.  Crisp apples and the color are is a fun way to bring in a punch of color.  Use apples or oranges in your centerpieces, by filling your vessel full of them and having a beautiful fall centerpiece of florals on top allowing you to have a beautiful centerpiece on your tables. Cranberries are another fun way to bring in the fall feel.  Fill your clear vessel full of cranberries and use branches with crystals to elevate your fall theme.  The hanging strands of crystals will add a hint of grandeur to your room.  By adding colorful leaves, greens or branches you bring in a custom rustic feel to your venue.

You can find inspiration for a rustic or fall decor for your event.  Look around you, inspiration is everywhere this time of year!

Happy Planning!

Mary Homer, Fairy Tale Weddings & Events


Rustic Weddings Made Easy

Rustic Barn Reception

If you like the simple life and a rustic wedding is your style, not to fear.  It’s as easy as A, B, C. First, find your location.  It can be a barn, a family members field or just the back yard at your Grandma’s.  Next, remember to keep it simple.  Rustic style is easy.  Essentially you can use almost anything you have and is in nature.  From long communal wooden tables with colored canning jars and in season flowers like daisies as your centerpieces to as elaborate as hanging a chandelier in a barn.  Always use candles, whether it’s in your canning jars, in groups or on wagon wheel chandeliers.   Next, make sure you have plenty of seating.  Whether you mix and max your chairs for an eclectic look or you match them for a more traditional look, make it fun. You can use ribbon, hay bales(throw a blanket or family quilts over them), burlap in a number of different ways (as chair ties, favor bags or even table runners) and lighting.  Lighting becomes very important, especially once the sun goes down.  So be sure you plan ahead.  Be creative with signage, use old windows frames and glass and don’t forget draping.  Draping can transform any room, even a barn.  Use pieces of cut wood or even barrels in creative and fun ways.  Or bring in older pieces of furniture to give an area that “homey” feel.  The skies the limit with your creativity.

Whether you are simple rustic or elegant rustic, have fun and show your personality.  After all, this is your day and everyone wants to see your personality shine through.  Those little touches will leave lasting memories for years to come.

Happy Planning-Mary