Step Moms Rock


I was recently interviewed by a reporter to discuss step  mothers and their involvement in their step daughter’s wedding. I thought this was  an interesting topic and I wanted to share my thoughts on it.

When you think about a step mother, you may typically think of the wicked step mother of Cinderella. However in reality I find most step mothers are not like that at all.  They typically want whats best for their step children.  Whether it’s ensuring a warm and safe roof over their heads or contributing financially to their step daughters wedding.  They have huge hearts full of love for their step children.

So where does the step mother fall in place regarding her step daughters wedding?  It depends.  If you have a loving relationship with your step daughter, she may want you to be fully involved in the planning, wedding ceremony and reception.  I’ve had clients who have step parents who were fully invested in the planning of the brides big day but at the same time not try to stand in the place of the brides mom.  In every blended family, there’s a place for step parents.  Every couple and their family dynamics are different.  So it’s all about communication between the bride and groom and their parents/step parents.  Miscommunication will always cause hard feelings between family members, so be clear on your wishes and how you see your step mother playing a role in your big day.

If there isn’t positive input from your step daughter, graciously and respectfully step back out of the lime light.  After all this is her big day.  This is her time to shine with family and friends. So kick back, enjoy this once in a life time day and have a cocktail.

Happy planning!

Mary Homer-Fairy Tale Weddings & Events