Valentine Ideas for your Special Someone




When it comes to gifts on Valentines Day, you automatically think of candy and flowers.  But what if you went a little further and made extra special?  A fun way to show your love for that special someone is always personalized m&m’s, whether it’s a picture of your love, a special saying you share or simply hugs and kisses, these will certainly tell your special someone you thought about them and how special he/she is to you.

Write a “love letter” from the heart. Tell him/her why they are so special to you and why you want to marry them (or are married to them).  Everyone has those special qualities that we look for in people, but how often do we share those thoughts and ideas.  To make it extra special have a calligrapher write it on pretty paper. If it’s from the heart, she’ll love it!

A special dinner is always fun for Valentines Day, but what if you cooked/baked dinner for your special someone? And if you can’t cook, and we know who we are, order out and make it special at the dinning room table, with linens, special dishes and candle light.Turn those lights down gentleman…..candle light has an aviance of it’s own.

At the end of the day it isn’t what you get your love for Valentines Day, it’s that you took the time to think about them and make it special. Wishing you all a loving and fabulous Valentines!