Unexpected Wedding Expenses


It’s no secret that having a wedding can be expensive.  You have your dress, the venue, the florist, the dj or a band and your wedding planner.  But what about those unexpected cost?  Here’s the break down on the national average costs for a wedding:

Food service $4,745
Event location $3,621
Full-service wedding planner $3,232
Bar service $2,442
Event rentals $1,719
Photographer $1,663
Live band $1,637
Wedding dress $1,212
Wedding bands $1,182
Videographer $1,017

The Knot reports the average couple will spend $29,858 for their wedding.  And the expense of a wedding can certainly be much higher than noted above, depending on where you may live. Although the above figures may or may not be reflective of the area you reside in, the venue and food/alcohol will certainly be the most expensive part of your budget.  If you’re looking to have top shelf alcohol or you want the “best of the best” food, it will cost you.  So it’s very important to determine who and how you are going to pay for your wedding.  Will you pay for it yourself or will you have contributions from your family?  Next, set yourself a budget.  This should help you to stay on track.  If you can manage the expense of a wedding planner, you’ll fin that he or she will be worth it.  Most planners will find creative ways to stretch your budget so you don’t deplete immediately and has experience and relationships with local vendors.

So establish your budget.  Then prioritize what’s most important to you.  Spending a little extra on your photographer for fabulous photos may be more important to you then overly dramatic centerpieces. Most vendors will work within your budget so have an open conversation about what you’d like and what your budget allows for.

The next thing is to determine how many guests you’re inviting.  A few extra guests will cause unexpected costs to your bottom line. So have an honest conversation about who should truly be invite.  Do you really need to invite your 3rd and 4th cousins and don’t forget “plus ones”, as they add up and will ultimately affect your bottom line.

Happy Planning!

Mary Homer – Fairy Tale Weddings & Events


contributions by CNBC and The Knot


Easy Tips for Planning Your Big Day


These are some easy tips to help you plan your Big Day.  These may be basics but if you don’t have them on your list of things to do, you may end up frustrated and stressed as you plan your wedding day.

1) Determine what is your vision for your day.  Do you want a simple wedding, or something big and bold or maybe you’re looking to achieve an elegant look and feel for your wedding day.  Decide on what you’re anticipating your day to be and you’ll start heading in the right direction to achieve it.

2) Be Realistic about your Budget.  It’s easy to spiral out of a control while you’re planning your wedding, there are so many options, so many choices and yes, those choices can be costly to your bottom line.  Try to set an amount for each category, as this will help you maintain control of your expenses.  Stick with it! I know it’s easy to have an over the top wedding, but if your budget doesn’t allow for it, do your very best with your established budget. Going into debt for your big day may not be how you choose to start your married life, so always write up your budget and work hard to stick to it.

3) Plan your choice venue ahead of time.  A lot of venues book 1 or possibly 2 years ahead of time.  So have a back venue you like, just in case.  Again, we go back to your budget and what those options are within that budget.

4) Bring in a “Day of Coordinator”.  The expense will pay for itself multiple times over. The bride and groom and their families should not have to worry about all the details, the vendors, delivery and set up times and any problems which may arise.  And if they do their job right, you should never know there were any issues.  I like to call this “be a guest at your wedding”.

5) What’s the easiest way to control your budget? Control you guests count.  It’s that simple.  The more guests you invite, the more your wedding day will cost at the bottom line.  It’s simple math.  So if you’re looking for an intimate wedding and reception, keep your guests count down.  If you’re looking for an elegant and over the top event, invite your guests away.  Either way, it’s the best and easiest way to control your budget

Happy Planning!

Mary Homer, Fairy Tale Weddings & Events – http://www.fairytaleweddingsandeventsbymary.com