Don’t be Afraid of COLOR

Color Tent

You look on the New York runway and find models wearing color….everywhere in every shade and every possible pattern.  So how can that affect your wedding?  Well, let’s just say, don’t be afraid of color when planning your wedding.  Color shows your personality and creativity.  And if you aren’t the creative type, bring in your planner.  Don’t forget we love this stuff.

So where would you put color? I’d start with picking a color scheme for your wedding….from your choice of color for your bridesmaids and groomsmen attire to your bouquets.  But it doesn’t stop there. You have linens, centerpieces and up-lighting.  You have your cake, your invitations and even your shoes (whether it’s a splash of red on your heels or a touch of blue).

Color sets the tone and feel for your celebration. So don’t be afraid of it, embrace it. Now I’m not saying going crazy with it, but find fun and creative ways to bring in a touch of color that expresses your style and personality.  After all this day is about you and your groom.  Those special touches of color that mean something special to you will be memories for a life time!

Happy planning,

Mary Homer, Fairy Tale Weddings & Events